The Adoption Option
Maybe you feel you are too young to become
a parent, maybe you do not feel ready for the
challenges of caring full time for your child,
or maybe the father of the baby does not
want to be involved. Whatever the reason,
choosing an adoption plan for your child is
choosing life. Each year over 50,000 women
in America make this choice. This loving
decision is often made by women who first
thought that abortion was their only way out.
Adoption allows you to move forward with
your life, without the responsibility of
parenting, much like abortion. The difference
is adoption means life for your unborn child
while abortion means death. Choose life.
When you carry your baby for 9 months and then place it with another couple, you
are making a courageous choice that can benefit everyone involved.
It's important to make the decision that is best for you and for your baby. With
good planning and a decision that is carefully thought out, you can make an adoption
plan with confidence. Even though some sadness is involved with placing your baby
for adoption, you will find joy in knowing your baby is receiving a chance at life and
a fulfilling future. Our counselors offer loving support and encouragement through
the adoption process and after.