The Parenting Option
When you choose to continue your pregnancy
and keep your baby, you are about to
undertake one of the most challenging and
exciting journeys in life. You will experience
the miracle of feeling a little life growing
inside you. As your child grows, you are
helping him or her develop into a unique
person unlike anyone else. You are nurturing
this child's personality, talents and innate

It is your right to choose to parent your
child, no matter what anyone else may say.
With the support of caring people, parenting
classes, material support and other resources,
you can learn to guide, encourage and provide
for this new member of your family, offering
unconditional love and support.
Let the caring people at Women's Life Ministries help you through this difficult
time. We will help direct you to support centers, maternity homes and other
agencies where you will find support for your decision.